sailing stories

Discussion 2 : 10/01/2009 at 07:16 AM2

Dear Capt. Tim,

Please allow me to contribute my story to all your navy.  I am ex-merchant navy.  Long time ago, I joined as deck cadet on one general cargo vessel.  My British captain is very very old and he use to drink half a bottle of bell whisky per day.  I was assigned to clean his room and toilet daily.  In his room there is a big save box.  I have no idea what are all in side. But as I am cadet I observed and learn every thing.  I use to see him every morning he open that save box and took a piece of paper and look and kept the same in side.  I wonder why he always look that piece of paper.  One day he over drinking and next morning he never weakup again and presumed dead.  Our chief officer take over the vessel for voyage and heading to the nearest port to discharge the coffin of our captain.

On the way I was together with chief officer at night watch and I told him what was the captain use to do with his save box.  He also excited and wanted know what is that.

We all agreed and open look the paper.  We found that "left hand is port and right hand is starboard". 

Oh! captain we salute...

Have a good time Capt. Tim.