IYT Student Registration Details

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New SailQuest Sailing School student - Action Required!  

As an IYT (International Yacht Training) partner school, SailQuest is authorized to issue IYT certificates to students who successfully complete our training courses. In order to process your IYT certificates, it is required for all students to create an online profile on the IYT website.

Once you have created your IYT student profile, you will be issued a six digit IYT Student Registration number. SailQuest needs your IYT Student Registration number in order to complete your IYT certificate order. Please follow the steps below to complete your IYT Student Registration:

  1. Prepare a passport type photo of yourself, this will be the photo printed on your IYT credit card style certificates.
  2. Prepare a scanned copy or photo of the detail page of your passport or ID card.
  3. Be sure to have a correct mailing address where you would like to have your IYT certificates shipped to you following the completion of the SailQuest training course.
  4. Go to www.iytnet.com
  5. Select ‘REGISTER’ and complete the IYT Student registration process.
  6. Following successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email from IYT which will include your new IYT Student Registration number. Please forward your confirmation email and IYT Student number to SaiQuest so we can process your certificates.

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this YouTube video:

NOTE: It is necessary to complete the IYT Student Registration process before your IYT certificates can be ordered. If you can get this done before attending your SailQuest training course dates that would be great! Don’t forget to forward your IYT confirmation email to us. But if you have any problems or need any assistance to complete the IYT Student Registration process, don’t worry, we can assist you when you are attending your SailQuest course.