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How do I get to SailQuest Sailing School

SailQuest LOCATION: CLICK HERE to see the SailQuest Sailing School, Ocean Marina & International Airport locations in a larger map

The SailQuest Sailing School  is based on the eastern seaboard of Thailand, 2 hours south east of Bangkok and about 10 minutes south of Pattaya City at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club, approximately 1 kilometer past the Ambassador City Hotel, our local landmark.SailQuest Sailing School facility is located directly across from the entrance to OceanMarina Hotel.

If you are arriving at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport the easiest way to get to Ocean Marina is to take a taxi from the airport. After clearing airport customs, take a left through the doors and follow signs to the “Taxi Stand” and taxi counter. You will pay 1,500baht, up to 3 passengers, at the taxi counter for the 1.5-2 hour drive. Occasionally the driver may not be familiar with Ocean Marina. In that case, mention that we are about 1 kilometer south of the Ambassador Hotel, Thailand’s largest hotel, and they will find us with no problem.

There is also a bus and mini-van service that will save you some money, but does not operate 24 hours a day. See details here: You will also need to get from the Pattaya bus stop to your hotel by hiring a local taxi.

Let us know if you have any troble finding us or need assistance with transportation.