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SailQuest Crew Skipper courses are geared towards those who are planning to go sailing, however...

... while we run our training course aboard live-aboard sailing yachts, many of the systems are similar to systems aboard power yachts and students get experience in driving and docking and other aspects of seamanship which are common aboard any type of vessel.

The majority of the info we cover during our 10 day course, such as navigation & passage planning, the international collision regulations, yacht systems, safety, anchoring and more will apply to any type of vessel you take to sea, whether mono-hull, multihull, sail or power. The inboard Yanmar diesel engines, the electrical and other mechanical systems, anchoring/docking gear, etc. are similar to those found aboard most modern power yachts.

Many of our students do go on to sail, charter and buy monohulls & multihulls both sail & power. It will be fairly easy to apply the lessons, skills and experience you gain during our well rounded training program to any yacht, sail or power, in the future.