SailQuest Hi Jinks X-99 - Sailing & Training Videos

The latest addition to the SailQuest fleet is SailQuest Hi Jinks X-99. We offer advanced sailing/racing classes and other Join-In Sailing Events, Regattas and Milebuilders aboard this high-performance yacht. The X-99 is a fast and competitive racer/cruiser with it's own International one-design class.

This agile yacht requires good team work, communication and a solid understanding of each team members responsibilities while racing.

It's a good idea to watch the training videos below. Learn from the pros to see how this boat is sailed, crew responsibilities and positions aboard the X-99 while racing. Try to pick up as much info possible before sailing aboard this lovely yacht as we will be doing most of our "hands-on" training on the race course!

Read thru these notes as you follow the X-99 Racing Tips videos below.

  1. X-99 Intro.pdf
  2. X-99 Boat.pdf
  3. x-99 Sets.pdf
  4. X-99 Gybes.pdf
  5. X-99 Douses.pdf
  6. X-99 Tacking.pdf

Looking forward to sailing with you soon!