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SailQuest Accommodation Options

The SailQuest course cost includes guesthouse and/or bungalow accommodation during evenings while the course is in session. 

  • Baan Luk Rua - SailQuest Guesthouse and Student Lounge - SailQuest Sailing School's own Guesthouse/Bar & Student Lounge. Just across the road from Ocean Marina, Single & double private guest rooms are fully equipped with wi-fi, air-con, fans and other amenities for your comfort. Please note that each 2 rooms share a bathroom. This accommodation is basic but comfortable and clean and convenient to the SailQuest Sailing School and Ocean Marina. On the downside, the building is located on a busy road which you need to cross to get to the marina.
  • SailQuest Ocean Marina Bungalows - SailQuest Sailing School manages two 2 bedroom bungalows on the Ocean Marina property, fully equipped with air-con, refrigerator, toilet facilities, and with basic kitchen supplies. Please note that each 2 rooms share a bathroom. This accommodation is basic but comfortable and peaceful and well located on the Ocean Marina property. On the downside, no hot water, no wi-fi (3G works fine).

Students can request or are assigned a room in either accommodation based on class size and other considerations. Included accommodation check-in is on the afternoon of the first day of class.

PLEASE LET US KNOW! - if you plan to use our included accommodation and if you will require accommodation on the day before the first class date. Additional nights can be booked for 500THB (single room) to 800THB (double room) per night.

NOTICE: we do not have full time staff at our included accommodation and cannot check-in students after 8PM. If you are arriving later than 8PM, you can book a room at the Ocean Marina Hotel (not cheap but very convenient), or walk-in booking at the Lek Hotel on Soi 7 Jomtien Beach Road, or book a room elsewhere (thousands available in the Pattaya/Jomtien area) and show up at 9am on the first day of your scheduled course dates.

Upgraded/Optional Accommodation: Some students choose to arrange their own accommodation during their course dates. This will be a good choice for students who prefer to upgrade from our basic included accommodation or if you are local and living nearby. There are several very nice hotels and resorts and other budget accommodation within walking distance to the SailQuest facilities. SailQuest will reduce your course cost by 4,000THB (single or “Couple’s Special” rate students) for the 10 day course if you do not require our included accommodation.

Other recommended accommodation options are here:

Click this link to see a map with airports, Ocean Marina, SailQuest and guesthouse locations. Zoom in for details.

Please read these accommodation reviews below. Besides our included accommodation details, we have listed several convenient and recommended accommodation options where you will need to make arrangements on your own.

It should be noted that during the training program, students do not spend a lot of time in their rooms…

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SailQuest Update - Response to Corona Virus/COVID-19

As I am sure you are aware, the Corona Virus/COVID-19 is creating international travel issues. At this time, however, it is business as usual at SailQuest Sailing School and all scheduled course dates and sailing events are still running as scheduled. It is a great time of year for sailing here in the Gulf of Thailand!

To keep updated on the situation in Thailand and restrictions regarding incoming visitors,  see the Thailand Department of Disease Control website. Travelers should also be aware of any warnings or restrictions that may be posted in the country you will return to following your SailQuest dates.

This situation will certainly effect some who have already booked course or event dates or those who may be thinking of doing so. The SailQuest refund and re-schedule policy remains the same as always. If for any reason you need to cancel  your booking, we will issue a full refund of your booking deposit or full payment, minus any bank transfer fees. Or we can hold your payment and you can re-schedule to more convenient dates as your schedule allows.

We are also implementing a daily temperature check policy for instructors and students and encouraging continued good hygiene practices for all. Anyone who is not feeling well or showing symptoms… please stay home!

These are tough times for travelers and business owners alike, but we are all trying to make the best of it.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Good health and Happy Sailing!

Capt. Tim & the SailQuest team

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